Learn the basics of Norwegian language


Do you want to learn Norwegian? Or at least to be able to say some phrases convincingly?

This course gives you the basics for communication. In the course you will find more than an hour of video-material, where special attention is paid to pronunciation through my technique of using body language to demonstrate pronunciation and by using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription of all words and phrases. Moreover, I will later add some useful text files with additional explanations and hints about the structure of the Norwegian language, and some quizzes so you can check up upon your progress.

Without any previous knowledge of Norwegian you will probably watch the videos several times. How much time it will take to acquire the course will depend on your previous language learning experience, but roughly you might need three-four hours of study to acquire solid basics.

The course has some introductory remarks on Norwegian language and some remarks about how I teach pronunciation in the course. This is followed by a part on greetings and exchange of personal information, then a part on meta-language, e.g. how you ask what something means, and then some useful words like numbers and weekdays.

You should take this course if you want to learn the basics of Norwegian communication properly in a fun way.


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